Amazing education games in TOGlic | CROSSWORD add-in


By using the add-in TOGlic | Crossword for office 365 you got not only interesting crosswords for your PowerPoint presentations. You got also a powerful tool TOGlic in the background. Let's have a look how can it helps you to get a great feedback from your students.

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Move created crossword to online

To be able to print your created PowerPoint's TOGlic | CROSSWORD puzzle, you need to open your crossword in online version of TOGlic. It's simple. Open your PowerPoint presentation and find the slide with the integrated crossword puzzle. Then click on the "Save and display in TOGlic" button. Your crossword will be prepared for saving to the portal You may be asked to sign in for the first time - use the same login and password as in the PowerPoint add-in. Or sign in with your Office 365 account.



Dispatching crossword

The loaded crossword in looks very similar as the original in your PowerPoint. But you can find much more tools for your crossword now. In this blog we will focus on dispatching crossword directly to pupil devices. 

To be able to dispatch crossword to them, you need to connect their devices with your account. After connecting them, you can start playing.

1. Find your PIN code. 



2. Ask pupils/students to go to and let them login with your PIN code.



3. Monitor easily number of connected pupils to your account:


4. Dispatch the crossword to the student devices. Every student solves his / her own crossword. You may continuously monitor the students’ work on your device.


A little trick to start amazing collaborative game

Try to set the parametr "Send a single row to each pupil" and dispatch the crossword now... What happens?


Each student is solving only one row of the crossword. The students arrive to the theme (hidden message) by finding all team members by crossword’s background colour and arranging their tablets in the correct order. 


Enjoy the lesson with crossword :-)


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Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 13. 12. 2016
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I cannot create a crossword add-in for powerpoint
It lasts forever to download and when it does the window is not complete, it only allows me to write on the task box and the boxes for rows and questions do not appear.