Arrange your activities into the lesson plan

Prepare a sequence of multiple activities to fit your needs during your lesson. During the class, you will not be hindered by setting up separate activities.

How it works?

My lesson is a sequence of some activities you want to use during your lesson. Each activity is already set so you can directly dispatch it to the students. The "Lesson" on the next picture consists of 3 activities: Web content, Crossword and Word games PLUS.



Before the dispatching, you can edit the prepared activity (change some parameter or correct a mistake). 

You can also create a link to your prepared lesson to share it with your colleagues. Here is a link to my lesson "Body parts".


How to prepare My Lesson

It's very simple to create your sequence of activities. Establish a new lesson by clicking on the button + Create new lesson (you can find it in the lower left corner anywhere in TOGlic). Fill in the name of your lesson in the pop-up window.

TIP: If pressing the button makes nothing, it's possible that your browser is blocking pop-ups.



The panel of My lesson will show at the display bottom. It's a timeline. Choose an activity in TOGlic, then set up all the parameters as if you wanted to use it right away or prepare your content. You can also use some of the Saved sets. Yet, do not dispatch it, rather draw the activity 'cube' to place it in the field of the lesson under preparation. 

RECOMMENDATION: If you are creating your own content (e.g. a crossword or a set of words and sentences), we recommend to SAVE you set (button Save the set). It allows you to edit and resave the set anytime in the future.



One by one, select, set up and save multiple activities. Their sequence saves automatically during the process. It's possible to change the order of activities, just drag and move the "cube" to the right place. Try for yourself how easy that is!


How to run My Lesson

All your prepared lessons are saved in My Lessons. Click on the name of selected lesson to display the prepared sequence of activities and start working. Don't forget to connect your students.



The lessons can be organized into folders (categories), their structure is identical with the names of your folders in My sets. It's possible to move the lesson from one category to another.

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 18. 1. 2017
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