Crosswords as a team activity? Why not?

The Crosswords activity comes as the top hot novelty provided by Toglic Version 1.7.0. That said, it certainly is far from being a commonplace puzzle, given the Toglic versatility.

Already its preparation is quite enjoyable as it is as easy and intuitive as the rest of Toglic. Write the first word in the crossword row field. It gets displayed automatically for you as separate letters in the boxes. Click at the respective box to select the letter to be included in the theme.

As for the clues, you may either put them in words or just use an image. The produced crossword may look, say, like this:

TIP: Use reasonably sized images to make sure the crossword is displayed user-friendly on the pupil devices. Never mind how much detailed and large picture you may upload, its output resolution for the pupils will be about 150×150 pixels.


Magic trick before dispatch

You have created your crossword and by hitting the Dispatch button you display it for each pupil on her/his device, such as a PC in a standard computer room or her/his smartphone.

Now, the magic: Check mark the Send single row to each pupil option and you have conjured a team activity from a traditional crossword – every pupil must tackle her/his portion and then combine powers with her/his team-mates to obtain a complete theme answer. It may look e.g. like this in practice:

Perfect view of results

You can monitor the results in real time on your teacher device, follow how each pupil has been progressing.

If you send out the crossword row by row and have less rows than pupils, the rows begin to resend to cover all the pupils – and, colour teams are set up automatically who then may compete for the first team to put the theme answer together. Once again, you will have a perfect view of that on your device.

Try now, no wait

For any of the crosswords you see displayed here, plus some more, go to the Available sets under the Crosswords activity. Just display and dispatch, it is so easy! We wish you excited pupils and the zest of teaching!

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 27. 6. 2016
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