Fantastic simplification to evaluating answers

Working with the Word games PLUS activity, you may newly add a set of anticipated words your pupils would (or, should) combine using the assigned letters. It will make your life much easier when evaluating answers received during the class. We have been so much thrilled by this new feature and hope you will be too!

Define your own “keyboard”  in the Word games PLUS activity, up to16 keys with an assigned letter, syllable, number or symbol to be combined by your pupils into answers, once tasked. You often know what words the pupils should create and you expect them to actually create such words for further use during the instruction.

Make your cheat sheet :-)

You may newly add such anticipated answers to your set and save them. And, indeed, you may add such likely answers to any of your previously created sets and simply update them.

What is it like during the class?

So, your pupils are working and the received answers are piling up one by one in your table. You can instantly see answers that fit any of your predefined options - an answer from the pupil gets check marked as a “hit” in the answer table, while it turns dark in the list of the likely answers.

And, vice versa, if the pupil’s answer does not get a “hit” mark, you should check on it - is it wrong? Or has the pupil found another solution you have not anticipated?

Just to refresh our memory, let me repeat what various markings of the answers mean in the table:

Unique answer (used by 1 pupil) Green background  
Longest answer Blue stripe  
“Anticipated” answer Green check mark*   
“Unanticipated” answer No green check mark*  
Answer not validated by teacher Dark grey (also on pupil’s device)  

* A white check mark on the green background is used for unique answers 


“Likely answers” support follow-up activities

Here comes yet another big benefit – if you wish to use the received answers for your further work, in another activity (the “Select and use data” button), you may rely on having at your disposal all the required words you have pre-planned for that activity, whether or not identified by your pupils at combining words.

You are welcome to try right away the activities displayed here in the images – you will find them under the available sets;


Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 20. 6. 2016
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