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We realise that every beginning is difficult. So, we have prepared some materials that can help you to start using TOGlic in your class.

Methodological sheets

We have teamed up with numerous experienced teachers to prepare methodological sheets for you that are full of inspiration and how-to-use ideas for the teaching activities. Descriptions are provided of concrete exercises used during the classes – ready for you to try and then use them right away in your class. Or – you may just let yourself be inspired for your own work.


How to find them?

There are three ways how to display the methodological sheet:

1. Suggestion on the bottom of every activity page




2. Methodological web

Catalogue of methodologiacal sheets. You can open it by clicking the button on the TOGlic homepage, by clicking the card "Show more..." on the bottom of every activity page (the activity filter is active - to display alll the sheets clear the filter) or just go to



3. Methodology conected to saved "Available sets"

Some activities allow you to prepare your content and save it as a "set". We also prepared some sets to inspire you and show you the possibilities of the activities. To display those saved sets click the Saved sets and find Available sets. Choose the subject (category) and find the material you are interested in. Most of the available sets are conected to a methodological sheet where you can find how to use this available set.

Available set is ready to use - just connect your student devices and you can start the activity. It´s also possible to edit the available set before the usage.



How to use the methodological sheet?

If you like the idea presented in the methodological sheet, you can use it right away in your class. Just click the "I want to try it" button. The available set connected to this methodological sheet will open (the registration / login is required) and you can dispatch it immediately.

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 16. 1. 2017
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