Overview of the connected students

There is one useful function in TOGlic that gives you a great overview of your students attention. And it can also help you to solve some troubles that may occur sometimes. 


Display a panel with names of all students connected with your account via your PIN code by clicking on the  button. Colorful icons show you the status of each student. "Green" student is currently on the right web page (TOGlic.com). Blue icon means: "Student is doing something different than you wish" - so you can ask her / him anything on the topic to get her / his attention. 



The student overview allows you to solve some problems that may occur during the activity progress.


Student device has a problem with connectivity


Check the connection of the student device to the Internet. If it is OK, click to refresh a browser (button refresh, F5). If that does not work, try to logout and login student again (on the device).



Nothing showed up on the student device after dispatching the activity 

Find name of the student, who has that problem, in the list of connected students and click on his / her name. The same part of the activity (e.g. the same random number, the same part of sentence, the same Bingo table, etc.) will be dispatched again. And student can continue in solving the task. You can use this function even that student deliberately shut the activity on his / her device.

TIP: If you don't see the student's name in your list, check the entered PIN on the student device. Probably he / she has entered the wrong PIN code.



Student from your previous class is still connected to your account

Students connected to your account via PIN code should log out at the end of the lesson. If somebody forget to log out, you can see his / her name in the next lesson in the list of connected student. This should cause problems particularly when sending activities such Words and sentences - the missing student will get one part of sentences and it should be impossible to solve the task. Solution? Click on the cross at the row with student's name to disconnect the student from your account.




Final TIP: You can quickly minimize the panel or show it if needed:

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 16. 1. 2017
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