Print and share activity - TOGlic update 1.8.5

Today's update will please all TOGlic fans who do not have enough hardware equipment in classroom to distribute activities to the pupils. Now you can activity (so far only Crosswords) print, display directly to a teacher device or share it. These features are available in the free Basic Account, so you can start using it immediately and free of charge.

If you have ever prepared a crossword puzzle in TOGlic, you can try out the new features immediately. Or try it with any crossword stored in the available sets.

Available sets - redy to use immediately


New features for printing, sharing and viewing

Print Worksheet

Before printing, select whether you want to print larger boxes (ideal for small children), and edit the crossword name, which will be printed. You can print directly or to save the worksheet in PDF format.

The printed worksheet (click on image to open PDF)

Display the crossword on your teacher device

So far you have had the opportunity to display activity only so that you was sending it to the pupil devices. This button alows you display activity directly on your devic - eg. the interactive whiteboard, computer.

Solving crosswords for teaching equipment (interactive whiteboard)

Share tasks where it suits you

And now you have two ways how to do it. Either generate a web link, or directly insert crossword (embed code) to your page content. You can also directly share it on Facebook and Twitter.

How will pupils (or other users) see do the crossword, you can see for yourself - just click and try to fill in autumn crossword puzzle in English, German or French :-)


Complete instructions for filling out crossword

We added input box where you can write instructions for solving the crossword (eg. the language in which you need to fill in the words) or sentence to complete with the solution (eg. Vegetables are .... (clue).) The instruction is displayed to pupils above the crossword puzzle in electronic as well as printed form.


Administrátor Toglic (admin) 30. 9. 2016
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