TOGlic as a voting system


TOGlic alows you to create a “voting gadget” of any device – a tablet, smartphone or computer and get quick feedback from your students. All you need is the activity Quick Question.

Didactic utilisation

Instant feedback allows you to respond to the situation in the class and adequately steer the course of instruction. Use the activity Quick Question, and choose one of four available response form types and obtain answers to your questions in the best suitable format. The responses are presenting in clear graphs.


4 types of questions for various situations




Easy set up

Open and sign in - use the same login and password as in the PowerPoint add-in. Or sign in with your Office 365 account. Go to Activities -> Cross-sectional activities -> Quick Question.

To be able to dispatch the "quick question" to your students, you need to connect their devices with your account.

1. Find your PIN code. 



2. Ask students to go to and let them login with your PIN code.



3. Monitor easily number of connected students to your account:


4. Ask the question and dispatch the response form to the student devices. Students are answering and you may continuously monitor the results on your device.



Prepare a set of questions

Question type A - B - C allows you to prepare your own text or image answers.


So you can prepare a set of questions, save them and use it in your lesson fluently.


Next time we will have a look how to prepare a sequence of multiple questions to fit your needs during your lesson. Here is a little tasting. (Sign in / reqistration is required.)


Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 06. 1. 2017
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