TOGLIC update 1.7.0

Last update of TOGLIC during this school year will inspire you to try new activities in your classroom. The hotest new of version 1.7.0 is activity Crosswords. Kids (and also us) are thrilled and we hope, you will be too :-)

New features: new activity Crosswords


Enhancements in existing activities:

  • activity Words and sentences:
    • new option „Whole sentence to each pupil"
    • new option „Colours distinguishing words“ – each word (part of the sentece) can have one of the 8 coulours​
    • ​easily change sentences order by drag&drop movement​​


  • activity Quick question:
    • new option "Own answers" in question type A-B-C to enter your own answers or images or symbols
    • new visual view of voting results

  • activity Text content:
    • new option to change background colour


  • Select and use data – new option to send data to activity Quick Question - (type A-B-C)
  • Print set – you can easily print stored activity settings (Words and sentences, Word games PLUS, Words bingo, Crossword)
  • New credit affiliate system - get teacher account up to 5 months for free 


Resolved bugs:

  • activity Web content - settings updates
  • activity Word games PLUS -  minor updates in showing right answers in combination with longest words and unique words 
  • corrected saving of the answers in activity Quick question (only for school accounts)
  • and much more ...
Administrátor Toglic (admin) 31. 5. 2016
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