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Scrabble is a great educatoinal game. We were inspired few years ago and prepared activitiy Word games Plus here on TOGlic - a great feedback tool for teachers. And now we improve it - you can share your prepared set of letter and let your pupils work on the interactive whiteboard or send it as a homework :-) Or would you like to print it as a worksheet? How it works?

What is the activity Word games Plus about?

You prepare set of 10-16 letters (chose letters you need to). Pupils have to create words from these letters (the topic is given). This activity practises vocabulary and grammar.  If you play this game in the classroom with computers or tablets (or smartphones are enough) it will give you a great feedback about knowledges of the pupils. (More info about this activity.)

Share the game

There is a new feature in the activity now and it allows you to use it in classroom with interactive whiteboard only or as a homework. Just SHARE IT! It will looks like this: You can chose - geography or chemistry - and try it.



How to prepare it?

Try to prepare your own activity! It´s so simple:

  1. Think about the topic of your activity. Go to activity Word games Plus (Log in/registeration is necessary, it´s free).
  2. Write some instruction in the "Task" box.
  3. Prepare a set of letters.
  4. Prepare a list of "possible words" - these words can be created from your prepared set of letters. (Attention: use the same letters as used in your prepared set - beware of uppercase and lowercase letters)
  5. Mark the option "Check correct/incorrect answers"
  6. SAVE your activity.
  7. Share your activity (get a link)

Link to this activity (European Capitals) is here: https://www.toglic.com/en/self-open/581efe5a19e07/embed

You can also shere it on the social networks (Facebook, Edmodo, Twitter...) or embed it directly into your e-learning system, website or blog: 

Printable worksheet

There is also possibility to print this activity as a worksheet. (Click on the image to display the PDF.)


I prepared also the methodological sheet to this activity. Hope you will like it. Feel free to leave us some comments below and share your prepared activites with us! :-)

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 05. 11. 2016
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