Words and sentences activity: Little-big changes

Two new, modest options added to the Words and sentences activity bring a wealth of changes and brilliant new ways to explore :-)  You can now recycle even some of your previously prepared sets and use them, refreshed, during your instruction.  What can you expect of this most recent update?

Sentence combining

The first new option is SEND COMPLETE SENTENCE TO PUPILS. It makes sure that all segments belonging to a single sentence get displayed on the pupil device – and the pupil must combine them properly. For example, build a sentence with the correct word order. 

If you have less sentences than devices, the sentences will repeat gradually. Your teacher device will let you monitor your pupils’ work and check correct solutions in real time.

Guess you can already think of more ways how to exploit this option: 
•    Arrange sequences of any kind (work procedures, elements by their size etc.) 
•    Combine words following the alphabet
•    Combine letters into words
•    Any further ideas? Feel free to drop us a note, we, too, are eager to get inspired :-) 


Colourful words
The other new feature is the COLOURS DISTINGUISHING WORDS option. Check mark your choice to select the font colour of each word (or, sentence segment).


Thanks to that, you may highlight e.g. the words you wish to use in your further work (the pupils may be e.g. tasked to determine their grammatical category or a part of sentence type, use them in another sentence etc.). The selected colour is always applied to one complete sentence segment. You may combine this options with the other ones:

  • Send complete sentence to pupils (each pupil gets a different sentence, individual work).

  • Different colours of sentences (the same set but the pupils work as a group):

And, a note in conclusion

You may have wished to use a set on an occasion that contained more sentence segments than the number of pupils was. As the rules of the Words and sentences activity always dispatch the sentences one by one, starting from the first sentence, some of the last sentences might have been never used. Which is a pity, considering the work invested into their preparation.

As a new feature now, you may change the sequence of your sentences, by simply dragging any sentence to the first position. And the sentence will be then sent out as the first one.


As soon as the update (v. 1.7.0.) is released, you will find the words and sentences used throughout this article under the available sets and will be able to try them at once.


Administrátor Toglic (admin) 30. 5. 2016
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