Price list and comparison of TOGlic accounts

TOGlic FREE PREMIUM Creating activities
  • 16 different activities
  • Basic settings
  • Maximum of 5 custom images
  • Maximum of 20 saved activities
  • Unlimited public repository of activities under a Creative Commons license
Everything TOGlic FREE offers plus
  • Advanced settings for activities
  • Unlimited number of custom images
  • Unlimited number of saved activities
  • Sharing of saved activities between school teachers
  • Library of 8000+ cliparts and photos
Use of activities
  • Up to 30 students online for real-time collaboration
  • Homework is the same for all pupils
  • Activity results - basic overview
  • Viewing the activity on the interactive whiteboard
  • Sharing activities - Facebook, Twitter
  • Printing activites
  • Unlimited number of students online for real-time collaboration
  • Homework assigned to classes
  • Activity results - detailed information and statistics
Other tools
  • Pupil login via teacher PIN
  • Class and pupils management
  • Pupil login with name and password
  • Setting up the school and connecting teachers
  • School statistics and reports
Free Price per teacher per year