Prices and Teacher Account and School Account comparison

There are three account types on TOGlic.

  • Teacher Account is designated for individuals; it enables full fledged work with the activities and logins of up to 35 pupils using a PIN.
  • School Account is designated for up to 50 teachers and corresponding number of their pupils. They may log in via PIN or their login name and password. The Teachers may fully use the teaching activities, having access to the Results archive at the same time.
  • Free account is a basic priceless account. You can use all activities, prepare your own sets and dispatch them to max. 2 devices. Usage in the class with just interactive whiteboard is completely free :-)
BASIC Teacher School
Number of available activities 15 15 15
Creating, preparing and using activities
Printing activites
Sharing activities - Facebook, Twitter
Embedding activities - e-learning blog
Viewing the activity on the interactive whiteboard
Dispatching activities to pupil devices
Number of concurrent pupils 2
Pupils can login via PIN
School settings
Pupils has own login
* All prices are VAT inclusive

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